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Our First Review!

The Proper way to install drivers.

So you just wiped your hard drive and reinstalling the newest operating system by Microsoft. It has completed and you are starting to load all your games and programs but when you try to play your games they run slow. Why? Because you may have not installed drivers or the newest drivers.

What is a Driver? A Driver is a program designed to run your hardware.

Well you say that you installed the video and sound driver and that should be it right? Nope you still need to install the chipset driver. A chipset driver is a driver for mainboards chipset, one of the more common chipset is made by VIA and you can just go to and download the newest "4-in-1 driver". Now that you know about that you find that it does help but is there more you can do?? The order you install it matters! Heres the break down:
In order of what you need to do first
Chipset Driver
Video Driver
Sound Driver
Modem/Nic Driver
Everything else

Also note, thats its best to do this right the first time for the best performance and it is also best to download the newest driver right from the manufactors website.

A questions may come up like: How can i tell what mainboard chipset I have? There is a good program thats out called wuCPUid, that program can tell you everything about your system!

Thanks for reading our first review, now start getting more of those frags! - Tim Putman `02